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Partners technical FAQ

Last updated: February 14, 2024

We encourage you to review the following technical information which is essential for planning campaigns using Interacty and evaluating potential risks associated with these campaigns. This knowledge is valuable and can offer comprehensive insights needed to make informed decisions. You may utilize this data for your internal needs, helping you optimize your use of our platform, ensure the security and success of your campaigns, and ultimately achieve your business objectives.

Will your company be providing any network services, infrastructure or applications based on cloud computing?

Interacty is actually a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. It offers a visual editor for content creation that doesn't require coding, and its infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading cloud service provider. Users can access Interacty's services using the internet, and the data they generate is stored securely on the cloud.

Useful links: Data protection | Data center certification | Support

Which other services do you use?

We utilize Stripe for payment processing. Any information a user enters into the payment form is also stored by Stripe. With its robust security measures, including Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Stripe is a highly reliable service. Users can manage their data on Stripe using the following link: https://billing.stripe.com/p/login/9AQ8zW4SJ4R4cgg4gg

Does a third party manage the data center utilized for storing customer data?

Interacty uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), a reputable and trusted cloud service provider, for data storage. All data is stored on servers owned and managed by AWS, ensuring consistent standards of security and reliability.

Can you please specify the geographical locations where the customer data is stored?

Interacty stores customer data at Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers. The location chosen for data storage for Interacty.me is North-Virginia, US. But for education users using Interacty.eu (Education only), the data is stored in Frankfurt, Germany, Europe. Please be noted that while the data centers are located in these regions, AWS's security protocols are in place to protect the data.

Are there mechanisms implemented to identify and impede unauthorized access?

Measures are in place to detect and prevent unauthorized access. Interacty has implemented two-factor authorization to enhance the security of data access. Moreover, AWS, the cloud service provider used by Interacty, also affords comprehensive security features, including DDoS protection and continuous system monitoring. However, for precise details of Interacty's exact security methodologies and procedures, it would be best to directly contact the company.

Are all the web applications utilized by your company for storing or processing customer data equipped with distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection?

Interacty uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) as their infrastructure provider, which implements DDoS protection to ensure the security of data. It would be best to contact Interacty directly for the most accurate and current information. For more details please visit https://aws.amazon.com/shield

Has DDoS mitigation protection been tested in the last year?

No, it has not been tested

Do you conduct tests and apply protective measures against the main vulnerabilities for web application services that transmit data over public networks?

We implement internal developer audits and keep a vigilant eye on global breach reports, striving to release any necessary updates as quickly as feasible.

Does your company have a documented Business Continuity policy?


Which analytical tools do you employ?

Our choice of analytical tools is Google Analytics and Mixpanel. These services handle the storage of anonymized user data. Importantly, no data gathered from lead forms are stored within these platforms.

Can you describe the type of client data that is stored or processed in your cloud environment?

We handle two kinds of client data: data from Interacty authors, who are the content creators, and data from users who visit their projects. The information we store may include IP addresses, email addresses, names, activities related to projects, uploaded media files, and details about organizations, including names and attributes.

How check what data has been collected into Lead Forms

To verify the data we store, kindly visit the web page at https://help.interacty.me/en/content/export-lead-form-data. Here, you'll find instructions on how to access and view your data.

How manage my data

If you wish to delete a project, the entire project and all associated data can be removed. Furthermore, you also have the option to delete your entire account. Once done, no personal data will be retained on Interacty.

Incident Management

For incident and issue management, we employ alert systems and logging mechanisms. Our development team and quality assurance personnel are responsible for identifying the root cause of issues. Additionally, we keep a close watch on our customer support systems and prioritize the resolution of the most critical incidents. Upon resolving any reported issues, we ensure that the concerned customers are promptly informed about the solution.

Does your company have a Supplier Code of Conduct that your suppliers are required to comply with?

No, we do not have

Does your company complete a supply chain risk analysis?

No, there is no specific analysis