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What Is Interactive Content?

Interactive content is content that encourages the audience to actively participate, as opposed to passive content that can simply be watched or read passively. Interactive content includes quizzes, slideshows, interactive maps, timelines, mini-games, and many more. Read how it works

Unlock the Power of Interactivity

  • Engage

    Stand out from the competition by surprising and engaging your audience with extraordinary mechanics and striking designs.

  • Convert

    Get highest conversion rates by matching customers with relevant products and guiding them directly into your purchase funnel.

  • Segment and analyze

    Segment your audience based on interaction patterns. Track performance with granular analytics.

  • 4x

    Interactive content generates 4x more pageviews than static content

  • 2x

    Interactive content generates 2x more conversions than passive content

Variety & Flexibility

Choose the mechanics that best suit your needs – all on a single, easy-to-use platform.

Combine different blocks and create interactive pages
Easily create pages and longreads with interactive content that can be embedded anywhere: on your site, landing page or app with a simple copy and paste.
Instant pages

Who Can Benefit
From More Engaging Content?

  • Publishers

    Digital magazines, blog sites & online news sources

  • Marketers

    Agencies and freelancers

  • Business

    Large and small companies

  • Educators

    Schools, universities, and education programs

An Impressively Powerful Editor for Desktop and Mobile

Forget about the limitations of other platforms. In Expert mode, you have complete control over the design of your project.

  • Create

    Customize your project to match the look and feel of your site. In Expert mode, you can drag and drop items to create your own unique design.

  • Publish instantly

    All project templates are ready to publish. Get a direct custom link to your project or load the embed code directly to your site or blog.

  • Gather leads

    Add a lead form to your quiz, game, or slideshow and and collect user data more effectively by offering users an incentive to share their information.

Your Content Looks Great on Mobile!

The Interaсty editor allows you to customize how your project will be displayed on mobile devices. Switch to mobile editing mode and ensure your project is the perfect fit for any device.

Save Time with Our Content Templates

Interacty templates are not only drafts for your project, but also a library of ideas for user engagement. Just choose from dozens of ready-to-use templates the one that suits you and customize according to your needs.

Integrate Seamlessly With Your Software Stack for Detailed Analytics

All Interacty projects come with built-in analytics. For those already using analytics software, Interacty integrates seamlessly with your current system.

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