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  • Make learning interactive

    Solutions for teachers, schools, and educators.

    One of the best education tools!
    I loved the flash card creation and customization features. I was able to create flash cards for my students, and customize both the text and images. They absolutely loved them!
  • Gamify your business

    Solutions for marketers, publishers, and brands

    At Merck, we use the Interacty platform to make our healthcare content for employees and customers more interactive and engaging.
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Gamify everything

  • School lessons and courses
    Сreate engaging, interactive lessons and gamify the learning process.
  • Marketing Campaigns
    Create branded games, contests, and giveaways and collect leads efficiently.
  • Content on websites
    Increase attention time on your site content with interactive experiences.
  • Events
    Become the star of any event by hosting a game and drawing prizes among the spectators.

What Is Interactive Content?

Interactive content is content that encourages the audience to actively participate, as opposed to content that can simply be watched or read passively. Interactive content includes Games, Quizzes, Slideshows, Interactive images, Timelines, and many more.

Turn your content into a game because any challenge is better if it can be played!

Gamification in numbers
  • Gamification participants score 14% higher in skill-based assessments
  • Using gamification may increase 6X the newly registered business users.
  • 83% of employees claim they feel more motivated when their training is gamified
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Who Can Benefit From More Engaging Content?

  • Teachers and educators
    Schools, universities, and education programs
  • Marketers and production agencies
    Marketers from small and large companies and agencies
  • Publishers and content producers
    Digital magazines, blog sites & online news sources

How Interacty works

  • Create
    Creating a quiz or game takes minutes with dozens of templates and ready-to-use blocks.
  • Share
    Share or embed on your website with a simple copy-paste. Get the QR code for easy sharing. Need a change? Update your content on the fly.
  • Play
    Easy to play on desktop, mobile, tablet, or via Zoom – your project, your rules.
  • Collect results
    Add forms and leaderboards to collect results and reward the best among those who completed the task.

Content creation has never been so easy

You can build your interactive game in minutes using content blocks that can be fully customized with the design editor.

20+ interactive activities and countless combinations

With quizzes, games, slideshows, timelines, and much more to choose from, all on a single platform, you'll never run out of interactive content options.

Interacty Core Features

Find out how Interacty helps create engaging content for education and business.

Interacty for Education

Interacty for Business

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Interacty for Education

Easy-to-use intuitive editor
Creating a project from ready-made blocks is like playing a constructor. Even a child will cope.
A simple but professional editor
Combine ready-made blocks and create unique branded games, interactives, or campaigns.
20+ game activities
Audio, video, quizzes, interactive activities, and games will make your lessons memorable and effective.
20+ game activities
Thanks to the variety of interactives, it is easy to create relevant materials and engage the audience.
Ready-to-use educational templates
Creating a project from scratch is easy, but taking a ready-made template is even easier. There is a whole library for you.
Ready-to-use business templates
Burning deadlines or need some inspiration? Business template library at your service.
Interactive worksheets
Create themed content by combining different activities such as text, video, games, and quizzes.
Full customization
A flexible editor and CSS styles allow you to customize the design of your project as if it were custom-made.
Easy creation of audio lessons
Record audio tasks in the editor and combine them with other blocks or games.
Gamification and leaderboards
Turn your game into a competition: add a rating of players and arrange a contest with prizes.
Leaderboards to motivate students
Add a leaderboard to your game and arrange a competition among students.
Lead collection forms
You can add a lead form to your quiz or a game to collect leads efficiently.
Easy integration with your LMS
All Interacty projects are easily integrated into the learning management system. Students do not need to be distracted.
Interacty supports the translation of the project into other languages for international campaigns.
Question banks
Create your question lists. Questions will be randomly selected for quality testing.
Whitelabel and CNAME
Connect your domain and hide everything else. Let nothing distract from your project and your brand.
Growing community
Interacty brings together authors from all over the world. You can use their templates or make your contributions.
Integration with marketing tools allows you to send leads directly to your CRM.
Find out what simple and effective tools Interacty offers for teachers and educators and learn how to create engaging, interactive lessons and gamify the learning process.
Learn more about engagement, lead generation, conversion boost, integrations, and everything else that will help your business grow and earn.
What do Interacty customers say?

    Interacty is an excellent platform that offers endless user possibilities and an easy and friendly user experience. Interacty is easy to use, elegant, highly flexible and recommended to any content creator who wants to push its digital interaction to the next level.

    At Merck, we use the Interacty platform to make our healthcare content for employees and customers more interactive and engaging.

    Many thanks to you and your team for your work! The Memory games turned out to be wonderful! With such an interactive presentation, exploring coins and history is fun and exciting.

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