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Flip Cards is a great tool that allows you to create a card or series of cards that your audience can flip by simply clicking or tapping to reveal relevant concepts like images, description, clues on the other side.

Engage Your Audience With Flip Cards

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    Easy to create and use

    Simply select pictures or text for the front and back of the card and you're done! Add your Flip Cards onto your website using a simple copy-paste.
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    Good for marketing and education

    Flip Cards is a flexible tool that allows you to solve a variety of marketing or educational tasks. Flip cards can be used for pros and cons, riddles and solutions, click to reveal, and much more.
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    Increases audience engagement

    Using Flip Cards instead of regular photos increases audience engagement and positively affects the number of page reads.
What is a Flip Сards?
Unsure about this interactive mechanic? Watch this short explainer video.
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