Memory Game Maker

Create your online memory game by simply uploading images and the rest is done for you. Users won't want to quit finding pairs of identical images. The possibilities with this format are virtually limitless, from humorous to educational.

Create a Memory Game by Simply Uploading Images

  • So easy and so addictively fun

    Memory is the perfect game to boost your users' engagement and loyalty. Created in just a few clicks, the mechanics are so simple, audiences will immediately get engaged.
  • Adapts to any task

    For such a simple game, Memory can solve many of your marketing tasks. Whether your content is serious or fun, our flexible editor tool will bring any of your ideas to life.
  • More attention to your message

    When all the cards are guessed, the user is taken to the final screen, where you can tell about the products or services that your company offers. Those who enjoyed playing the game will be more receptive to your offer.
For teachers
Find out how Interacty Memory games can make learning fun and effective
For business
Discover the Marketing Opportunities of Memory Games
What is a Memory Game?
Unsure about this interactive mechanic? Watch this short explainer video.

What Makes Our Memory Game Maker Stand Out?

  • 100% match your brand style

    A flexible and easy-to-learn editor makes it easy to customize your project to suit your brand style. Want to go further? Use CSS styles to fine tune your project.
  • Adaptive design

    All Interaсty projects look equally good on desktops and mobile devices. You don't need to configure anything, everything happens automatically.
  • Lead generation forms

    Lead generation is an important tool to improve project efficiency. Use Interacty lead generation forms with almost any type of project for your lead gen strategy to build relationships and collect data.
  • Share and embed anywhere

    Your project can be easily embedded into your website using a simple copy-paste. You can also choose a nice link for your project and share it with your users.
  • Integrations and built-in analytics

    Customize the workflow according to your needs. Seamlessly connect the project to your CRM, email, or marketing automation system. Measure project performance in real-time with detailed built-in analytics.

Memory Game in Action

Create projects that are interactive, visually appealing, and responsive. Segment your audience, maximize the engagement rates, collect leads, and stand out from the competition.
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