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Match Up is an excellent learning tool in the form of a game. In this game students have to match up the image with the correct word, a word and its meaning, or a math problem with the correct answer using a simple drag and drop. Want more engagement? Turn on the timer and play against the clock!

Easily Create Educational Games for Students

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    Created in a few clicks

    Create a Match Up game for your students in minutes using pre-made templates. Create riddles, equations, pairs of images, foreign words and their translations.
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    Play on Zoom or in the classroom

    Match Up game is perfect for teaching math, foreign language, geography and other subjects. Send students a link to your game or show the QR code to play in the classroom or on Zoom.
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    Learning in the form of a game

    It's very easy to play! Drag and drop each card next to its definition. The Match Up game has a timer, countdown and leaderboard so you can have a competition among your students.
What is a Match Up?
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Match Up in Action

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