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Universal platform for teachers, schools, and educational projects

  • Examples of using projects created on Interacty
  • Examples of using projects created on Interacty
  • Examples of using projects created on Interacty
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Create engaging materials to complement the curriculum

  • Child is playing a math memory game
    Games, Tests and Quizzes
    Wide variety of games and activities to play on desktop, mobile, on zoom, or in class.
  • Examples of worksheets and interactive lessons
    Worksheets and Interactive lessons
    Mix and match static and interactive blocks to meet students’ needs.
  • Child is practicing on an audio test
    Audio lessons
    Easily create audio lessons by recording your voice right in the editor.
  • Printed games and tests
    Printables with interactive elements
    Print materials with the click of a button!

How Interacty works

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    Create your lesson from scratch using ready-to-use blocks or choose from dozens of templates.
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    Publish your lesson with the click of a button, share it with your students, or embed it into your LMS with just copy-paste.
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    Play with your students in class or via Zoom. All lessons are available on desktop, mobile, or tablet.
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    Collect results
    Add forms and leaderboards to collect results and reward the best among those who completed the task.
Easily create your lesson from ready-made blocks
It's as easy as building blocks for kids!
Add text, audio, learning games, interactive timelines, knowledge quizzes, and more. Use pages to create complex content. The finished material is easy to embed into your LMS or send students a link or QR code.
The process of creating a lesson in the Interacty editor

Available blocks

More than 20 interactive activity blocks allow you to create exciting lessons and games on any topic. Your students will not get bored.

Memory, Match up, Find object, Puzzle and other education games
With Interacty, every teacher can create a game. Special skills are not needed - enter the desired text and upload pictures.
Learning playfully helps teachers keep students' attention constantly, and students better absorb the material. Interacty offers a wide range of play activities that you can integrate into your worksheet or use as an addition to the curriculum.
Examples of educational projects created at Interacty
Students love to compete. And it's excellent!
Player rating motivates students to play the game repeatedly to improve the result. You can add a timer or countdown to your game, set the number of attempts, and then reward the winners. The student needs to enter a name to compile a rating before the game. Registration is not required.
Examples of educational project lederboards
Easily share or embed into your LMS
Students do not need to register on the Interacty platform to play and learn!
Share your lesson with a link or embed it in your LMS with just copy-paste. You can make your interactive lesson an attachment to standard printables. To do this, print the QR code – your students will be able to run the game on their phones.
Teacher shares QR code for a project with students
Child is playing a math memory game

For classroom and remote learning

Photo of the remote lesson
Easy to play and learn in the classroom, at home, and online.
All projects created on Interacty work on a home computer and mobile devices.
Some games have special features for playing via Zoom. For example, you could number the backs of the Memory cards so that the children can name the pairs they think are correct.
Children using Interacty projects via Zoom and MSTeams


Save time by using ready-made templates on various topics.

      Interactive Worksheets
      An interactive worksheet is an effective way to organize students independent learning activities.
      Interacty allows you to easily and quickly assemble an interactive worksheet from ready-made blocks. For example, you can add a title, a block of text, an explanatory video or slideshow, a block with a game to reinforce the material, and a quiz to test knowledge at the end. As soon as the material is ready, you can publish it with one click, and the system will give you a link, an LMS code, and a QR code.
      Examples of interactive worksheets created from individual blocks
      Audio lessons
      Audio lessons allow students to hear your voice even when you are not around.
      Audio lessons are beneficial for self-study at home. For example, you can read a passage of text in a foreign language and invite students to check how they learned the material by answering the test questions. Interacty allows you to record audio directly in the editor. No additional programs are required.
      Examples of audio lessons
      Video lessons
      Use the popularity of video content for educational purposes.
      Everyone loves videos. In addition to educational videos, there are plenty of music videos, TV shows, and movie trailers on the Internet that you can use to learn new words or start a discussion.

      Interacty allows you to add YouTube videos to your worksheets and combine them with other types of content, such as quizzes.
      Examples of video lessons
      Question banks
      Create custom question banks to test students and quickly create quizzes on a specific topic.
      The Question bank allows you to create trivia quizzes, in which the required number of questions is randomly selected from a pre-created list. The questions stored in the question bank can be reused in different Trivia Quizzes. Using a question bank allows you to more objectively test students' knowledge since each time you take the test, the questions will change, eliminating the possibility of knowing the correct answers in advance.
      Poster for the "question bank" function
      Millions of free images for teachers
      Integration with the two largest free image galleries, Unsplash and Pixabay, allows you always to have the right images at your fingertips.
      Now you do not need to think about where to get pictures for projects and lessons. No paid galleries or subscription access. All pictures are available directly in the editor, starting with the free version. Search, select and add quality free licensed images in a few clicks.
      Pixabay and Unsplash logo
      Access to the Pixabay and Unsplash libraries from the Interacty editor



      We invite you to become part of the community of teachers from all over the world!

      Here you can be inspired by ideas and projects created by teachers, use ready-made templates, and publish your templates to help the community.

      Community page poster with user projects
      Community page poster with user projects

      What teachers say

      One of the best education tools!

      I loved the flash card creation and customization features. I was able to create flash cards for my students, and customize both the text and images. They absolutely loved them!

      Radha S.
      Tutor, E-Learning
      Useful platform for creating stimulating material

      I've had a great experience so far. Interacty allows me to have one more placewhere I can easily build a portfolio of engaging and personalizedstudent materials that help me create a more fun, rewarding, and interactive online educational experience for the students I work with.

      Rachel D.
      Teacher of Special Education, E-Learning
      HIGHLY recommend

      I used the matching game template. It was SO easy to use, user friendly, and SO straightforward. My students LOVE the matching game. I was able to share my screen over Zoom and used the annotate feature to write numbers on each card for the children to call out & pick/choose. I now have a few matching games in my teaching tool box – love it!

      Chloe E.
      Teacher & Grad student, E-Learning
      Fantastic range of quizzes / content

      Fantastic range of quizzes / content can be produced. Love the way the memory game can be customised, including images on the back of the tiles / cards and that the "start" button can be edited (as an Indonesian and French language teacher, this is fabulous)

      Danielle H.
      Head of Languages, Education Management
      I'm loving it

      I'm solving creative, entertaining, and educational homework. Now my students are glad to receive homework links that are both fun and adaptable to their experience of learning English.

      Ana Thereza d.
      English Teacher, E-Learning
      User-Friendly Fun

      I have used both the Memory Game feature as well as the Trivia for my classes. The format is user friendly and has made reviewing material exciting and seamless for my students.

      Monique M.
      Academic Tutor, E-Learning


      • Pencil icon
        Easy-to-use intuitive editor
        Creating a project from blocks is like playing a constructor. Even a child will cope.
      • Game console icon
        20+ educational game activities
        Audio, video, quizzes, interactive activities, and games will engage your students.
      • Dashboard Icon
        Ready-to-use templates
        Creating a project from scratch is easy, but taking a ready-made template is even easier.
      • Interactive worksheets icon
        Interactive worksheets
        Create themed content by combining different activities such as text, video and games.
      • Microphone icon
        Easy creation of audio lessons
        Record audio tasks in the editor and combine them with other blocks or games.
      • Icon podium
        Leaderboards to motivate students
        Add a leaderboard to your game and arrange a competition among students.
      • Integrations icon
        Easy integration with your LMS
        All Interacty projects are easily integrated into the learning management system.
      • Icon numbered list
        Question banks
        Create your question lists. Questions will be randomly selected for quality testing.
      • World Icon
        Growing community
        Interacty brings together authors from all over the world. You are invited!

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