Timeline is a stunning interactive mechanic that visually shows the chronology of events. The Interacty timeline builder allows you to create a beautiful timeline without the help of a programmer and designer in a convenient editor. Just choose the template that suits you, add your content and publish!
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  • No need for a designer or programmer

    Forget tables and complex interfaces! Interacty allows you to create a timeline in a visual online editor in minutes, as well as customize the design of your project to suit the style of your publication or blog.
  • Take the stress out of creating content

    Timelines are easier than ever to make and are loved by a wide range of users. Add branding elements, choose a unique link or embed it on the site – your special project is ready and looks great on various devices.
  • Perfect for news, business, entertainment

    Clear chronological presentation of content is perfect for serious journalism sites. Create a timeline to talk about political events, major financial crises, or cultural revolutions.

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Create projects that are interactive, visually appealing, and responsive. Segment your audience, maximize the engagement rates, collect leads, and stand out from the competition.

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With photo galleries, timelines, and much more to choose from, all on a single platform, you'll never run out of interactive content options.

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