Timeline Maker
Timeline is a stunning interactive mechanic that visually shows the chronology of events. The Interacty timeline builder allows you to create a beautiful timeline without the help of a programmer and designer in a convenient editor. Just choose the template that suits you, add your content and publish!

Timeline that is created in a few clicks

  • Create without designer and programmer

    Forget tables and complex interfaces! Interacty allows you to create a timeline in a visual online editor in minutes, as well as customize the design of your project to suit the style of your publication or blog.
  • This is an idea for a special project

    Given the good involvement, the timeline is an ideal mechanic for a special project. Add branding elements, choose a unique link or embed it on the site – your special project is ready and looks great on various devices.
  • Great for business publications

    The clear chronological presentation of the material is great for serious publications. Create a timeline to talk about political events, major financial crises, or cultural revolutions.

Easily Start Creating With Our Template Library

All templates are ready-to-use and can be easily customized according to your needs.

Why Our Timeline Maker Stands Out?

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    Created from simple blocks

    Timeline allows you to combine any blocks, adding pictures, videos, Then & Now, quizzes and much more to the text.
  • Publish instantly

    All project templates are ready to publish. Use the embed code to your site or blog or get a direct custom link to your project. For example:
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    A result that is easy to measure

    Performance reports let you know the level of user engagement, number of views, starts and completions that your project received.
  • Integrations with your software stack

    Customize the workflow according to your needs. Seamlessly connect the project to your CRM, email, or marketing automation system.
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Timeline in Action

Create projects that are interactive, visually appealing, and responsive. Segment your audience, maximize the engagement rates, collect leads, and stand out from the competition.

Explore More Templates

With photo galleries, timelines, and much more to choose from, all on a single platform, you'll never run out of interactive content options.

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