Live Game Events Maker

Easily create an Event Game for a corporate event, online team building or holiday party. A game event with or without a host allows participants to play simultaneously using a smartphone, while all results are visible on the screen. Several fun rounds with scoring and awards for the winners in the final will make your event unforgettable!

Create Interactive Event Games to Engage Your Audience

  • So easy to create and customize!

    Ready-to-use templates and endless customization options help you create the best game for your event. Who will answer the questions more accurately? Who will complete the puzzle or find hidden objects faster?
  • Your own spectacular show

    Fashionable design, various types of quizzes and games, musical accompaniment and spectacular animations allow you to create a festive atmosphere. Let your audience feel like they are in the TV show!
  • Competitive spirit and prizes for winners

    Scoring after each round and overall leaderboard will keep your audience competitive, while a memorable animation at the end of the game will celebrate the winners and emphasize the solemnity of the moment.
How to Create an Event Game
Unsure about this interactive mechanic? Watch this short explainer video.
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