Tariff plans for education
    Introducing the Teacher Content Marketplace.
    For teachers who want to share and sell content

    What is Teacher Content Marketplace?

    This is a way for all teachers to create, share and sell content. Teachers around the globe will be able to discuss topics around education and cooperate in content creation.
    Who can participate?
    • Schools teachers
    • College and universities teachers
    • Kindergarten staff
    • Independent teachers and tutors
    • Training centers
    • Museums
    • Content creators and distributors

    And other persons who create content for education

    • Is it free?

      • Yes, you will be able to create and sell content on Teacher Content Marketplace on any plan including Free plan.

        Although we think the Intermediate Education plan is the best choice since it includes gamification, has a comfortable project limit, storage space etc..

        Please note, marketplace holds a 30% commission from each monthly payout - the total amount of revenue from all your projects sold. You get 70%!
    • Can I sell my content?

      • Yes, you set a price for your content or keep it free.
        We’re going to support a few options:
        • Teacher personal license: buyers may use your content in her/his educational activity.
        • Template license: buyers can reuse your content to create their own educational content.
        • Student personal license: students may purchase content directly for personal purposes and use it
        • Organization license: the user may use your content in the organization's educational activity.
      • Remember, when we do monthly payouts marketplace holds a 30% commission from each payout. You get 70%
    • How does it work?

      • Register on Interacty and fill the form on this page. You will have a public profile. It will be accessible by a unique link to the Internet. Then you can upload some content into your profile and set share options and prices if needed (see below). Create, share and sell your content, get revenue!
    • What content can I share and sell?

      Currently, we work with interactive content: quizzes, and educational games. You can create them on Interacty.me We have plans to add new content types, including pdf printables, audio and images.

      If you worked with static content before and have no experience in interactive content creation please join our free workshops. We help you create fun experiences based on your books and printables.
    • May I sell the content on 3rd party sites (like TpT)?

      Yes, you can do this and Interacty doesn’t know about it. It’s not a part of this program. If you share Interacty projects links across the Internet please be sure that you have a suitable tariff plan with a good amount of views (Free or Paid - is’t up to you).

      Remember, you can use QR codes to share projects, addding them to printables for example
    • Views count and limitations

      • When marketplace buyers use your content it doesn't affect your view count.

        In all other cases, your plan limits apply because you may use account for personal needs as thousands of teachers do. Please note, joining the program does not make your tariff unlimited. It can be free or paid, but with its own limitations which described here.

        Pro tip: you have unlimited previews in the Editor (“Preview” button). It helps authors test their content.
    • What if the buyer will share content across the Internet and nobody buys it anymore?

      • Interactive content is not files that can be downloaded and sent. Content opens in a browser and can only be launched by authorized users. Buyers will access their purchased content via marketplace profile. They cannot transfer content in the same way as users typically cannot transfer/download complex media content in audiobook services or game platforms.
    • Do you have a partnership program?

      • We hope you will help us to build the community in your region. Please emails us info@interacty.me with “Partnership” subject
    • Can I create the Teacher Content Marketplace profile today?

      • We’re going to make this possible in early October. Today you can join the early adopter program, visit our webinars and start creating content. So you will be well prepared for the launch and have a handicap.
    • What’s on your Roadmap content authors?

        • New licenses you can suggest to customers
        • Collaboration features
        • New content types
        • Student Access
        • Authors gratitudes
        • Organizations support
      • And other features
    • How will users find my profile and the content I want to share/sell?

      • A few options here:
        • Users who visit Teacher Content Marketplace and use filters may find your content like people searching for goods on Amazon.
        • Your content might be found on educational partner sites: they may embed our marketplace and give their users the ability to get additional educational content.
        • You can share your profile or content via direct links in any community and social networks online.
    • The user bought my content. What does she do next?

      • User sees in her personal account a list of purchased products. Clicking on the product she may find a content link and QR code. She may run the content (quiz, game etc) and share link/QR code with the class. Links will only work for a particular teacher and his students.
    Fill out the form to get started. It's free