Tariff plans for education
    For authors of educational content who sell projects on marketplaces
    Create an interactive project or educational game and save it in a format that is easy to sell, either as a supplement to printables or as a standalone project.

    Everything you need to prepare your project for sale on popular marketplaces

    • PDF file with game description
      The PDF includes pages with the QR code, a description of the game and instructions for launching.
    • QR code to launch the game on mobile devices
      The QR code can be printed out or displayed on the screen in the classroom or in the Zoom lesson.
    • Game available via direct link
      Your game is available online for instant play. All you have to do is scan the QR code
    • Downloadable archive with the game in html format
      Get a downloadable version of the game that you can run on your computer even without internet.

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