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How it works

Interactive content is one of the most effective tools for engaging users, gathering leads, and getting shares. Interacty helps you create engaging content in minutes. Here are the benefits:
Interactive mode
Engage your audience
Interactive content generates 4x more pageviews than static content
Get leads and conversions
Interactive content generates 2x more conversions than passive content
Collect user data
Data collection is made easier
Create Brand Loyalty
63% of marketers use interactive content to educate their audience
Easy start mode
Curious to see how Interacty can benefit your business? Start for free. Our FREE TRIAL gives you access to all of our editor features, including Expert mode capabilities.
Are you familiar with this situation?
  • Simon is an online media editor

  • That's Simon's boss. She needs an interactive piece of content ASAP to cover a big recent event.

  • Simon has to spend hours creating a piece of content from scratch. Now he's behind on other projects.

If this sounds familiar, Interacty is here to come to the rescue. Create perfect interactive content and achieve your goals faster.
With Interacty, Simon is able to get content up online within minutes instead of hours. Simon is happy and so is his boss.
Focused on Client Success
We only listen carefully to our customers and respond quickly to requests. The Interacty platform allows us to add new interactive formats in the shortest possible time and adapt the existing ones depending on the tasks. Looking for a new format or additional functionality? Contact us and one of our specialists will offer a solution.
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